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Problems and Solutions for Made to Measure Window Blinds

Made to measure blinds often have commonly-known problems. Fortunately, there are some simple solutions.

  • The blinds run up too quickly. Roll up the blind completely and remove it from its brackets. This is usually done by lifting up one side and then the other. Unroll it after it has been removed and repositioned elsewhere. The problem is most likely in the spring. Release the built-up tension of it by unwinding it slowly. Return the blinds to its location, test and repeat (which hopefully will not be necessary).


  • The blinds run up too slowly. There are a few methods for correcting this problem but this solution is the most appropriate in most instances. The first step is to pull down the blind as far as it will go. There will be a definite feeling of resistance when it reaches its appropriate position. Remove the blind as described above. Re-roll the blind to about one-third or one-half of the half. The problem is most likely in the coils and re-rolling it on a level position ought to reset the springs. Return it to its position, retest and repeat if necessary.



  • The blinds fall down when pulled. As always remove the blinds from the window. The problem could be in the brackets–they may have moved closer together or further apart. Put them back in their original position or straighten them if they have become bent or loose. If the problem is in faulty springs then it can be too costly, either in money or time, to repair it. This is often endemic with modern conveniences, such as computer printers. Sometimes it is wiser to buy new made to measure blinds.
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PrivateInsta: An awesome tool designed for viewing private instagram

Many tools have come up in market which allows you to see profile photos of any person which is a registered user of instagram service, and view all of their photos and videos regarding their happy and sad situations. PrivateInsta is one such tool, designed and launched recently. They have gained more popularity because of its simplicity and ease of working. Till today there are millions of users of this tool. The product is legalized and licensed, and hence safe to use. The product is not engrossed under private instagram viewer  and hence works independently, in an secure manner. By using this tool, you are not breaking or violating any of the terms and conditions of Instagram services and hence you need not hesitate to use this product.

The working procedure of the product is simple as it just asks you to submit the username of the person whose profile pictures you intend to view. This is the main reason why they have gained so much popularity in such less time. For further working details you can visit their official website, as they have explained each and every step of their working.

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